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Close Call

When I had Casey out the other morning I noticed a lot of scratch marks in the front yard. Places where something had been digging, but not deep. They were under the Ivy bush, around the pine tree, and on the hill. I had a feeling I knew what critter was doing it and why.

Well at 4:30 this morning my suspicions were confirmed. As I stood there holding the leash, a flashlight, and a cup of coffee, Casey bolted. Down the lawn and around the pine tree she went. I yelled and came around the tree just in time to see a skunk make a dash for the woods. Luckily I held the leash or Casey would have caught up to the critter and we would have both needed some deodorizing.

Being out at that time of the morning doesn’t bother me, but from now on I will be doing more scanning with the light and less daydreaming.


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