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I think the saying is “It’s A Dog’s Life”, but in my house that isn’t true.   It’s my quaker Indy that gets special treatment at this time of the year.

We are making the transition between having the pellet stove on to heat the whole house and not.  With the cost of heating, even pellets have gone up dramatically, we need to conserve as much as possible.

Because quakers are technically tropical birds Indy doesn’t do well when it is cold.  What feathers she has get all puffy and she tries to roll into a small ball to conserve body heat.  It is not good.  Indy’s big cage is out in the dining room where right now it is chilly.  Her little cage is in here with me where I can close the door and put the electric baseboard on.  She gets to be cage free, but usually lounges in her tent.  That is unless the birds outside are busy taunting her.  Then she has to be on the top of her cage yelling at them.

Meanwhile my underprivileged Casey has to sleep under the covers with us. While Moose, Ashes, and Jordan, have the crate (which was bought for Casey), Casey’s memory foam bed, or me to sleep on.  Did I mention they all have beautiful fur coats and are underprivileged?




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Close Call

When I had Casey out the other morning I noticed a lot of scratch marks in the front yard. Places where something had been digging, but not deep. They were under the Ivy bush, around the pine tree, and on the hill. I had a feeling I knew what critter was doing it and why.

Well at 4:30 this morning my suspicions were confirmed. As I stood there holding the leash, a flashlight, and a cup of coffee, Casey bolted. Down the lawn and around the pine tree she went. I yelled and came around the tree just in time to see a skunk make a dash for the woods. Luckily I held the leash or Casey would have caught up to the critter and we would have both needed some deodorizing.

Being out at that time of the morning doesn’t bother me, but from now on I will be doing more scanning with the light and less daydreaming.

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Had the vet visit yesterday.  All is fine, just an update on Casey’s rabies shot.

Casey is my beagle with a few personality problems.  Rescued on the day the previous owner was having her put down, she lives the life of a queen here. We have come to know her sometimes erratic behavior, constantly work to show her it is unacceptable, and reward her with treats for behaving nicely. Mostly we love her through it all.

Certain things stress her and a visit from the vet is one of them.  She needs to be given an anti-anxiety drug a few hours before the visit.  It makes her very out of it, lethargic, and clingy.  One thing it doesn’t do is make her friendly to the vet.

I was nervous about this visit because the vet was coming without the tech.  This meant I was going to have to hold Casey while she got her shot and a manicure.  Even though I would much rather have her snap at me then them, I turn into a very nervous mother which Casey senses.  That makes her more anxious and she bites.

It is easier for me to bring Casey to the truck then do everything in the house.  More light, everything right at hand, and a more confined space.  Yesterday I got her there with very little tugging and a slight butt push up the stairs.   Once inside the vet donned her elbow length leather gloves and covered Casey with a towel.  In that manner she is able to be picked up and put on the table.  Not so bad.

Once on the table I was able to hold her body and head still and within seconds the shot was done.  Over in a flash.  Next …nails clipped.

With the towel still over her head and the vet again wearing the gloves we switched places.  I did the clipping while she held her.   It was going pretty easily until she mentioned the powder in case of bleeding.  Yup you guessed it; I clipped and there was blood.  Lots of it.  Casey didn’t move, yell, or bite. It didn’t bother her at all.  I got myself with the spring on the clippers.   Took a pretty good chunk of skin and man did it hurt.

In the end Casey was fine.  In fact I had to drag her out of the clinic.  Luckily she is a healthy dog so vet visits are few and far between.  I think we will always need the towel and gloves, but hope we can cut down on the drugs as she gets older, or prescribe some for me too.

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You know you are a cat lover when you choose to keep the cats and redo the whole kitchen because of damage they have done.

Yes I am in the middle of giving my kitchen a complete facelift after getting tired of looking at the shredded wallpaper and door frames that have been used as scratching posts.

As usual I did not take any before shots so you will have to take my word for the wallpaper removal system.  These are shots of what a cat can do to woodwork when she puts her mind to it. 


 In her defense, Jordan is not the one who started this project.  That would be Sydney, who is no longer with us.  No I did not rehome her, she went out one day and never returned.  If she were to stroll into the backyard once again, I would welcome her with open arms. 

I am looking for ideas to keep Jordan from ripping apart the new wood.  We have scratching posts, and scratching boards on the floor.  We even have a hanging sisal scratcher that she loves to swing from.

but nothing has kept her from doing a number on the wood. 

Any ideas?

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