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It is another rainy day and Casey is being lazy.  Ssshhhh I have nothing to do with it. I know she would probably go out for a walk if I forced her to, but what fun is that.  None for me anyway. I was looking forward to walking trails this week. Now they are nothing but mud bogs again. Guess the hiking will have to wait.

This is all part of Casey’s weight loss program.  I measure out her whole days worth of food and put it in one container. From there she gets breakfast, lunch, supper, and good girl treats.  It seems very unfair and it feels like I am starving her, but I know in my head that I am doing no such thing.  She will be a much healthier happier girl without the extra pounds.

Following the directions I should see change in a week or so.  The key is to lose the fat gradually. The food is formulated so that she will use stored fat without losing muscle. If I can just get her out walking again she might even gain some muscle.  Beagles are such compact dogs that the extra fat really shows up fast. It has to go.

She has already been transitioned over to the food, Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Formula, so she has no digestive upset, but man is she poopin.  Her system is doing a whole clean out.  Getting rid of all the bad build up from snacking and treats.

She won’t step on a scale and the only one I have available is mine, so I will take pictures to document her healthy weight loss journey.  Hopefully she won’t be too embarrassed with the before and will pose pretty for the after.

Yes I have belly fat, and yes I am actually sitting ON the table


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It’s a bright, sunny and cold Monday morning.  Casey and I went for our first walk since before fall.  Well, it wasn’t  a real walk unless you count stroll, stop, sniff, track …repeat, a walk.   But it was a beginning.

This year we have had the “winter that will not end” and all Casey and I have managed to do is gain weight.  Not good for either of us, but especially bad for her.  Being a beagle, she has a little frame and a true love of food. Combine that with those big sad puppy dog eyes and wrinkled brow and she is an easy target for obesity.

We did so well last summer.  Walking or hiking on local trails almost daily.  Measuring every bit of food and counting all the good girl treats.  We both managed to get our weight under control.  This year we are once again starting at square one.  Casey back on weight control kibble and me trying to count Weight Watcher points.  I wonder if the franchise has ever thought about starting a Doggy Weight Watchers program.   I bet it would do great.

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I want to share something I read this morning.  It comes from a pet store owner.

 I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a cat through one of our stores that died from Seizures Monday night after being sick all weekend. They had just switched over to the canned Wellness 2 weeks ago 😦

The kitty was diabetic pre-…switching to the Wellness which is why they came to see us for a *better* food. Thiamine is essential for nerve impulses. Diabetics tend to have nerve dysfunction. Thiamine too low = Diabetic kitty developed seizures.”

This is serious and as we know from the past, recalls have a way of snowballing.  They start with one batch or one flavor and grow.  While the PR departments are doing damage control we continue buying and feeding food that could be killing our pets. 

If you own a diabetic cat and have been feeding Wellness canned STOP!   If your cat, diabetic or not, has been eating Wellness and is not acting normally please call your vet immediately and have them seen.   Tell the vet they have been eating Wellness Cat Food.

Here are symptoms to be watching for:
                                   1. Ventroflexion of the neck
        (bending down of head with chin close to or touching neck)

                                   2.Muscle weakness
                                   3. Wobbly walking
                                   4.Dilated pupils
                                   6. Seizures
                                   7. Aggression

Though I can not recommend Instinctive Choice or Life’s Abundance for diabetic pets, I fully recommend it for any dog or cat that is not on a prescription diet.  

*On a personal note, my dogs and cats were eating Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard food before switching to Life’s Abundance.  It was during the giant pet food recall in 2007.  I switched because of the answers I received, or should I say did not receive,  regarding quality control.  With Life’s Abundance, your order goes from manufacturer, to our warehouse, to you.  Each purchase you make is logged under your account and you would be contacted directly if the need ever arose.  Thankfully, because of Dr Jane’s involvement at every level and the company’s commitment to quality,  we have never had a recall.   If you would like the phone number to corporate please send me a message and I will send it to you.

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On February 28, 2011,WellPet, maker of Wellness Pet Food, issued a press release announcing a voluntary recall.  According to the release and a letter from CEO Tim Callahan, the Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency was found during quality control testing.  To lessen confusion, the decision was made to recall all canned cat products falling under the stated date codes.

Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning it is not stored in the body and needs to be replenished with proper diet or supplements.  It maintains a healthy nervous system, and helps turn carbohydrates into energy.  With a good portion of today’s cats eating a diet much too high in carbs, a deficiency of this vitamin could cause a complete imbalance to the cat’s system. 

Thiamine deficiency in cats is not very common and can be found in cats who eat a poor quality food.  Therefore it is important to know what you are feeding your cat.   Make sure they eat a diet low in carbohydrates and high in meat protein. Do not feed a diet high in raw fish and avoid a preservative called Sulphur Dioxide, which inactivates Thiamine.

Some symptoms of Thiamine deficiency include:
Cervical Ventroflexion
Dilated Pupils

If you notice any of these symptoms a call to your veterinarian is a must.  Treatment might include a high quality diet, supplementation, and regular monitoring. 


Australian Veterinary Journal

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As an introduction I am going to share a video.  It is one of the main reasons I became an independent representative with Life’s Abundance and how Ann’s Furry Friends came to be.

Please take a few minutes and watch this enlightening and very well done clip.  It’s called Pet Food – A Dogs Breakfast

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