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Ramblin Ann

Three o’clock this morning I had a Moose on my head demanding breakfast.  Not just any moose, my Moose. An almost 18 lb white furry feline Moose. He paced back and forth kneaded the pillows and made that little meooow that he makes.  Not a manly MEOW, but a little squeaky noise that in cat circles would probably be considered embarrassing.

 Lucky for him, he is an indoor cat. No chance for all the other cats to make fun of him.  That’s Moose on the left. He’s a big mellow guy, except at meal time, or when he perceives it to be such.  Then he becomes “king” and very demanding of his human servant, me.

He’s not always bold and insistent though.

 Some of his time is spent in quiet solitude reflecting on his status in the mostly female household.  Or maybe this is just his way of getting away from…

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