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You know you are a cat lover when you choose to keep the cats and redo the whole kitchen because of damage they have done.

Yes I am in the middle of giving my kitchen a complete facelift after getting tired of looking at the shredded wallpaper and door frames that have been used as scratching posts.

As usual I did not take any before shots so you will have to take my word for the wallpaper removal system.  These are shots of what a cat can do to woodwork when she puts her mind to it. 


 In her defense, Jordan is not the one who started this project.  That would be Sydney, who is no longer with us.  No I did not rehome her, she went out one day and never returned.  If she were to stroll into the backyard once again, I would welcome her with open arms. 

I am looking for ideas to keep Jordan from ripping apart the new wood.  We have scratching posts, and scratching boards on the floor.  We even have a hanging sisal scratcher that she loves to swing from.

but nothing has kept her from doing a number on the wood. 

Any ideas?


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As an introduction I am going to share a video.  It is one of the main reasons I became an independent representative with Life’s Abundance and how Ann’s Furry Friends came to be.

Please take a few minutes and watch this enlightening and very well done clip.  It’s called Pet Food – A Dogs Breakfast

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